Fresh effort, old mistakes

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Greek plans to pursue its claim for reparations from Germany over World War Two.

Greek officials must carefully examine all the details related to the forced occupation loan and, should a strong legal basis arise, move ahead with the compensation claim.

Doing so however requires a cautious and low-key approach with no resemblance to the rampant populism and without the cultivation of groundless expectations that we have become accustomed to from our politicians in similar cases in the past.

Unfortunately Greek politicians are inclined to create a lot of noise about delicate and complicated issues, instead of treating them with due professionalism and silent work – which are always the safest path where national interests are concerned.

For once, we should deal with an important issue in a different manner. Keep the noise down at home, and save the celebrations for later, if of course Greece’s historic claims are vindicated.