Government backsliding

The position that the government has taken in recent weeks on a number of important issues is completely unconscionable and baffling given the seriousness of the problems that Greece is facing.

The most recent example was the appointment of a party cadre to the helm of the Manpower Organization, a move that is completely unacceptable these days.

A government that goes on and on about all the reforms that need to be implemented and about the importance of restructuring the state cannot use unionists and cadres in key posts, and cannot appoint the very people who allowed the country to find itself its current predicament.

Is there a shortage of qualified and capable people who are not part of the party structure?

If the government wants to regain any credibility and if it really wants to get the job of rebuilding the country done, in needs to start thinking in terms of meritocracy only. Otherwise, it won’t be surprising if the people start to suspect it of patronage and half-measures.