An unthinkable offense

In the vast majority of the countries that comprise the so-called civilized world, the idea of a citizen striking a policeman is considered nothing less than absolutely unthinkable.

In Greece, on the other hand, out-of-control populism has led the country to the point where certain politicians and media are finding ways to justify murderous attacks carried out using shotguns and incendiary devices against uniformed representatives of the Greek Republic.

This type of sick perception has been nurtured in this country over the last few decades.

No protest or anyone’s fight for a just cause can justify the events that, once again, occurred at Skouries in northern Greece, where the war pitting those in favor of a local mining project against those who fiercely oppose it continues without relent.

It is the duty of both the Greek state and the country’s justice system to confront these kind of phenomena in the firmest and strictest way.