A disgrace to Parliament

The events that unfolded in Parliament on Friday, when a Golden Dawn deputy was ejected for hurling insults at his peers, should be a cause for serious concern regarding the direction that the House is taking.

It is clear that the ultranationalist party is trying to completely undermine every democratic institution and ideal.

It is also clear that Golden Dawn believes that it gains popularity every time one of its deputies puts on such a show.

But obnoxious talk that is aimed at causing a stir and creating fissures in society, open insults and out-of-control behavior have absolutely no place in Parliament.

That said, however, the measure of democracy’s credibility lies in the same rules being applied to everyone, and in the case of Parliament the code of conduct should be applied in the case of anyone speaking or behaving inappropriately, or using violent behavior or language, irrespective of what party they belong to.