Fire protection is everyone’s duty

The danger of wildfires breaking out across the country in the summer period is just as high this year just as it has been every other year before.

But, the tools and infrastructure available to the Greek state in terms of fire protection and fire suppression are becoming more limited and to a significant degree outdated.

This is why local communities must get involved in this process and organize themselves as best as they can. Groups of volunteer forest rangers have already carried out excellent preparatory work in a number of areas that are vulnerable to fires across Greece.

At the same time, though, so many of us have unfortunately come to expect the state to take care of everything and by doing so have forgotten that safeguarding our country’s natural wealth as well as our own properties is our responsibility too.

The time has come for individuals and local communities to do everything in their power to prevent the outbreak of fires and to put them out when they do occur.