Ceasar’s wife

The privatization process is extremely crucial for the country and for that reason it must be safeguarded against any suspicion of political entanglement with business interests. Defending transparency should be a key priority.

In the case of Stelios Stavridis, who was dismissed as chairman of the Greek privatization agency (TAIPED) on Sunday amid reports that he traveled on the private jet of a member of the consortium involved in the purchase of gaming firm OPAP, the government and the privatization process were damaged by a mixture of naivete and irresponsibility. The incident provided ammunition to those who aim to fight the privatizations and the fresh competition that these will create in certain sectors.

It would be extremely dangerous to see a clash of interests over privatizations and the protection of market shares. People in such crucial posts must be careful of their every move and how they communicate it. After all, Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.