Overtaxing property

Property ownership has become the tax man’s punching bag. State authorities have failed to crack down on tax evasion and are instead resorting to the easier solution of overtaxing property.

In doing so, however, they have long overstepped the mark. Come autumn, a great chunk of society will be thrown into despair. Combined with the reality of unadjusted official property values, the government’s repeated tax raids are killing property owners.

So-called objective property values are too high for the current market values. In most cases, objective values are neither fair nor objective. They risk turning into a tool for confiscating property because of the state’s failure to either clamp down on rampant tax dodging or to contain its expenses at a sustainable level.

We should not be surprised this autumn should we witness a rebellion, as it were, among those people who have always carried out their tax duties to the state and who are now seeing their property go up in smoke.