Ending internal strife

Given the state the country is in, its leading players, the politicians, ought to appear united in view of a major negotiation with its creditors regarding a reduction of its debt and avoiding the imposition of new measures. In reality, however, the confrontation between the government and the main opposition is reaching extremes. Things are no better within the coalition government, where disputes and back-stabbing point to an explosive atmosphere.

Some wish to see Prime Minister Antonis Samaras being degraded because they think of New Democracy as their own property. Others are targeting Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras without thinking of the day after, if their wish was to be granted, and what that would mean in terms of the country’s credibility.

All of this acts as a destabilizing factor in a country standing at a pivotal point, while anyone presenting themselves as an anti-systemic power is reinforced. There comes a time when politicians need to consider the country and step back from their own partisan and personal interests.