No ifs or buts

It’s easy to claim to support the idea of reforms, but the truth is that support usually starts to ebb when you are the one who needs to implement them, when they are unpopular and may cost you some votes, or when they encroach on your interests.

By following this set of caveats about change, decades have passed with dozens of special interest groups being allowed to enjoy their privileged, protected status. The handful of politicians who did try to implement important reforms were quickly lambasted by most of the media and branded by unionists as enemies of the people. The majority of the true champions of change have had very short political careers.

Not much has changed today. The government has made a lot of progress with the troika in regard to the fiscal situation and has managed to restore much of Greece’s credibility. Now it needs to muster up the courage to back the reforms that will make us a regular European country.