A luxury Greece cannot afford

Greece is going through a particularly difficult period in its long history.

Now in the sixth year of an ongoing recession, the country has experienced periods of uncertainty with regard to its eurozone membership, has implemented painful austerity measures and has pledged to carry out important structural reforms as a result of its sovereign debt crisis and the signing of a bailout agreement with its partners and creditors.

That is why at this very point in time the stability of the coalition government should not be sacrificed in the name of personal disputes and disagreements between members of political parties.

This is a fact that ought to be recognized by all those involved in the country’s political scene, with each and every Greek politician trying to protect the country from entering a phase of further insecurity and instability.

It would be most unfair if the considerable sacrifices made by the Greek people over the last few years were to go to waste at this point, leading the country into a period of prolonged political turmoil.