Simitis’s first round

Whatever the government may declare publicly regarding its recent initiatives, it is now completely clear that its every move is part of its preparation for general elections next year. Indeed, all its announcements and decisions are strategic moves in this direction. And in its own way, the government is inviting Greek citizens to reconcile themselves with the fact that the ruling party’s first (post-European Monetary Union) four-year term has been wasted, and that the important thing now is to ensure the next one is not squandered as well. This is the essence behind the government’s promotion of its new product known as «the chart for real convergence» for which between 1 and 1.5 billion euros has already been set aside. (Since when did the government have so much money?) The government’s first round in putting things right ahead of next year’s elections will culminate in September with the conclusion of the international trade fair in Thessaloniki. Will there be another round? And how long will it last? It’s too early to say. And besides, the government is currently focusing its efforts on promoting this first round. The current advertising campaign involves the promotion of a new and dynamic PASOK, currently being created under the guidance of the party’s talented new general secretary – a campaign without a specific political plan but with slogans and cliches to plug the political void.

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