July 26, 1953

PLOUMBIDIS AND THE KKE: (From a commentary in Kathimerini) – «Ploumbidis’s reply yesterday to the military court judge was indicative of the robot mentality of those acting on behalf of (Communist Party of Greece KKE leader Nikos) Zachariadis. ‘I will respect whatever the party decides to do,’ he said. That is, the party might say one day – as it indeed has done in the past – that Ploumbidis is a scoundrel in the pay of the police. Ploumbidis will bow his head and accept it. Is that not an indication of the enslavement that obedience to such ideology can bring about? Where is the freedom and the dignity of free will, of fundamental self-respect? ‘Gentlemen, I am a miserable scoundrel,’ Ploumbidis now says, ‘because my party says so. And if it says so, it must be right.’ Communism is a terrible degradation for humanity.» VLACHOU ON TSITSANIS: From a commentary by Eleni Vlachou – «The bouzouki players, the authentic ones who are never seen at yacht clubs or social soirees, have a true originality that has been recognized by serious musicians. Vassilis Tsitsanis, a poet and composer, has brought a breath of fresh air into the musty world of dances like the tango. (…) People in the neighborhoods go to hear bouzouki music and popular songs and have a good time in the process. Whoever doubts that only has to take a drive down to Tzitzifies.»

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