Meaningful reshuffle

Some government ministers have the courage to take risks and do not hesitate to openly stress the need for painful reforms. Many of their colleagues, on the other hand, appear completely divorced from Greece’s reality and, four years since the country was hit by the financial crisis, still shy from shouldering any of the unavoidable political cost while serving their political cronies.

The number of ministers who belong in the former category is small but they are cause for optimism regarding our future. It would be a grave mistake if the prime minister were to sacrifice any of those energetic and determined ministers for the sake of political power plays inside the conservative party or on the altar of popular sentiment.

Greek voters would hate to see the premier reward failed politicians or renew the tenure of officials who have done little else than collect ministerial points for their CVs while treading the line of political respectability. A reshuffle presents an excellent opportunity to kick-start the government but a misguided reshuffle would worse than none at all.