Handle with care

A small group of people led the battle of reforms over the past two years. They took on an inordinate share of the political cost, were lambasted by parties and unions, but nevertheless gave their all.

There are those who now want to see these government officials strung up to appease public sentiment. But we need to be very cautious. If the reforms that took so much effort to bring about are now slowly dismantled and if the people who made them happen are debased, disaster won’t be long coming.

It was the prime minister who directed policy and, with great self-denial, ensured that it was implemented. It would be a fatal mistake for him to turn around and deny his own policies, as well as the ministers and the state officials who enforced them. Sure, the country needs changes and improvements to policies, but it certainly doesn’t need rash decisions at a time when it is on the last stretch toward exiting the crisis.