August 3-4, 1953

CEASEFIRE: London, August 2 – The truce in Korea was signed yesterday and as of 10 a.m. (local time in Korea) the shooting ceased all along the 150-mile front. The usual sound of heavy artillery was replaced on the allied front by cheers and celebratory shots. However, no one can foresee, at this moment of joy and hope, what the outcome of this historic event will be, when the enormous problems involved are raised at a Conference to be held in 90 days’ time. During this three-year war, there have been neither victors nor vanquished. On either side of the 38th parallel each of the two sides will be insisting, by all indications, on the solutions that they feel will be in the greatest interest of their national and ideological aims. There is a general feeling that it will not be North Koreans and South Koreans that will be meeting at the negotiating table, but East and West. DEATHS IN KOREA: London, July 27 – The Reuters news agency has issued a list of the dead and wounded sustained by each country that participated in the Korean War. Greece had 137 dead and 360 injured. GREECE-BULGARIA: Thessaloniki, August 1 – At 9 a.m. today, talks between the members of the Greek and Bulgarian committees began in Svilegrad for the purpose of settling the border dispute between the two countries.