Sending out a clear message

The time has come for the government to send out a clear message.

What the administration needs to do is select which reforms it considers to be of substance as well as realistic and subsequently put up a fight for them.

If the country’s lenders opt for their irrational excesses and show no sign of flexibility they will have to bear the responsibility of their choices. If certain Greek deputies choose to sacrifice the country’s recovery and stability over vested interests, the weight of historical responsibility will rest on their shoulders, but clearly the government will have fallen because of a worthy cause it believed in.

The economy is showing encouraging signs. The Greek people have every right to feel angry and at the same time scared as they don’t feel they can trust another party or leader at such a difficult time. In order for them to change their minds and throw their support behind the government, the administration must persuade them that its sense of direction and mission is right and put an end to populism and ghastly handling in areas such as education. There is very little time left.

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