August 20, 1953

PEURIFOY DEPARTS GREECE: On the morning of Sunday, August 9, US Ambassador to Greece John Peurifoy, whose term in Athens has just ended, left the country by air for Naples with his family. From there they will fly back to the United States. At Athens airport, he was bid farewell by members of the government, along with civilian and military officials and a large crowd of people. The foreign minister, Mr Stefanos Stephanopoulos, presented Mr Peurifoy with an album, bound in leather and gold, containing 350 photographs of scenes relating to his three years in Greece, all taken by Athenian photojournalists. The Mayor of Athens announced that the municipality was to award him the silver medal of the city. Before he flew out of Athens, Mr Peurifoy said that he was deeply moved by the farewell ceremony held for him. KARTALIS POLITICAL PARTY: The main office of the new Democratic Party was opened yesterday at 7.30 p.m. (August 12) on Academias Street, in central Athens. Mr Georgios Kartalis, speaking to a small audience, said that his party had been founded to serve democracy. Mr Kartalis said his party would support the policy of peace, as well as peacemaking, on the home front in order to remove all traces of the civil war that followed the Second World War.