August 21, 1953

CYPRUS ISSUE – UN: Paris, 18 – It has been announced in Nicosia, Cyprus, that following an ad hoc, five-hour session of the Supreme Council of the Greek Church of Cyprus, an announcement was made that the council would be sending a request to the United Nations General Assembly asking for the implementation of the right of self-determination for the residents of Cyprus, who want the island to be united with Greece. COMMENTARY IN KATHIMERINI: «Members of the United Democratic Left (EDA) have no business on the islands that have been struck by earthquakes (Cephalonia, Ithaca and Zakynthos). The Papagos government has been quite right in not giving its approval to their efforts to visit the islands. When things have settled down and calm has been restored to the lives of local residents, then the Communists will be allowed to make their tours. Now, however, there is the risk that they will be beaten up, and the blame will be put, as usual, on the government’s shoulders. TRAGI-COMEDY: Rhodes, 20 – Yesterday evening, Vassileios Vassileiou, 30, and Gavriil Zouroudi, 17, who were watching the film «A Pebble in the Lake» on the terrace of the Olympia Theater, laughed so hard that they lost their balance and fell into the stalls, sustaining serious injuries.