Crushing our potential

Greece is not without people who have faith in its prospects, who are willing to invest billions of euros in its future, as is the case with the port of Piraeus and the tender for the country’s regional airports. They obviously feel more confident about the country’s future than the majority of the Greek people do.

Yet despite the faith of international investors, as a country we are doing everything in our power to discourage them. The opposition, in particular, does little else but criticize, as though it would rather see the country’s ports left in the hands of unionists and racketeers and its airports operating at substandard levels.

Nowhere else in Europe have we witnessed a political party boasting that if it were to come to power, it would cancel agreements signed by the state. The reason why Greece is at such a dead end today is that despite its enormous potential, it has a political system that is either incapable of taking advantage of it or is bent on destroying it for the sake of ideological paralysis and extreme obsessions.

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