Progress in doubt

Greece has entered a period of uncertainty. International markets are wary of the “Greek risk” and have reacted in the way that markets do.

Those who were thinking of investing in Greece have now put off any moves until a time when the country is more predictable, or cheaper for that matter.

The country’s lenders are bracing for the next wave in the Greek crisis and Greece is unfortunately once again at the center of the world’s attention.

Recent economic achievements are now in jeopardy. Greece conveys a gloomy image: On the one hand there is the old political system which has been stretched all but beyond capacity and on the other there is an opposition with no experience but with a great deal of ideological fixation.

We have three months ahead of us to convince the rest of the world to place their trust in us, to lend us their money, and to invest in the country.

This is not about convincing them that we are in the right. It is about building the impression that we possess continuity, rules and credibility. Too bad all that is currently in doubt.