The duality of SYRIZA

Something very strange is going on in the opposition party in terms of the positions being adopted by SYRIZA officials. One official presented a program for tourism that is not only completely state-centric but also screams of bygone leftist ideas. Then, another official brushed off reactions to the plan by dismissing it as “no big deal, just something in the party’s program.”

The truth is that the leftist opposition party has for years been saying one thing and meaning another but it should not forget that 2014 is not 1981 or even 2009 and Greece is a very different country facing very different circumstances. Given this absence of a cohesive position, no wonder international investors and the markets are jittery at the prospect of a SYRIZA government.

What does SYRIZA stand for? The extreme program it presents in specific sectors or the placating clarifications of various officials? The fact that it can’t say one thing and actually mean it is very scary indeed.