Sense in the din

The positions expressed by the leader as well as members of opposition SYRIZA have raised justified fears both locally and abroad.

Making verbal threats of “playing the lyre” while international markets dance to the “rhythm of the Pentozali” is one thing but coming up with a plan for this and warning Greek citizens of the dangers that it entails, is quite another.

The problem in this case is that some of our desperate fellow citizens are quite possibly attracted to such hyperbole and will end up believing that they, and their country as a whole, have nothing to lose if the blackmail directed at our partners proves fruitless. In the end, though, they are the ones who will suffer more.

At the same time certain government officials should really be behaving more seriously instead of taking part in the general hysteria with their own inarticulate shouting.

Sangfroid and common sense must emerge as the absolute winners of this particular battle.