Good sense must prevail

Greece is just one step away from what could turn out to be a big and prolonged mess. The election of a new president to replace Karolos Papoulias by this Parliament is absolutely essential to the country’s chances of maintaining its growth momentum and stability.

There is no doubt that these are historical times we’re living in and the next few days require our politicians to show bravery and to take the initiative, push aside petty partisan interests and their egos, and ensure the biggest possible consensus for a new president.

Everyone, from those in power and independent lawmakers to the MPs of the opposition, have a duty to weigh their choices careful and consider the good of the country before they make any final decisions. History will not be kind to them if they allow their egos to get in the way, if they jump the gun or even if they show an absence of good judgment and contribute to pushing the country toward the rocks.