Snubbing the moderates

Greece is a strange country in decline. Just as the economy started to show signs of recovery, it looks like we are heading to elections and a long period of uncertainty, all over the election of a President with a mostly cosmetic role.

Public debate has been hijacked by mindless populism and dirty politiking. Reforms are on the back burner again. The coalition has basically stopped making any real progress, as the leftist opposition indulges in chest-thumping and sterile rejectionism.

Meanwhile, foreign investors are taking a step back, universities are sliding into further decline and citizens are worrying about the day after. Some like to think that perhaps this nation needs to hit rock bottom before it can be truly reborn. They underestimate the dangers.

Moderates calling for consensus are treated like a colorful minority when all they want is for politicians to reach a formula that will strengthen the country’s position over its foreign lenders.