Wishes for a bright future

What we are all wishing for at the change of the year is that the country manages to avoid a period of even greater instability and a deeper financial crisis in 2015.

Following six years of recession and four of austerity it would be hugely unfair for the Greek people to end up paying the cost of the cowardice and irresponsibility that has been displayed so far by the country’s political parties.

The country must finally reach a point when it can stand on its own two feet and to be in a position not to place any more financial burdens on Greek families because they can simply no longer bear the cost.

Greece can have a bright future but it is up to each and everyone of us to make it happen and to safeguard it when it does.

Let us hope that the new year brings a greater sense of responsibility and maturity to the country’s political leaders, while enforcing what the country lacks above everything else, a sense of national understanding and consensus.

Happy new year!