Dangerous confusion

As the pre-election period gets under way the contradictory voices of the opposition SYRIZA party, coupled with the dangers lurking in declarations penned in the party’s official documents, confirm that there is some serious confusion in the ranks of the leftists.

While this strategy was aimed and still aims at attracting voters, according to each official’s point of view, it also demonstrates that the party’s cadres are simply not on the same page when it comes to party policy.

Although it is hard to tell whether certain SYRIZA officials believe that all this confusion could work in favor of the party that is now claiming power, what is certain is that it shows how foggy the political landscape would be the day after, if the party emerges as the winner of the upcoming elections.

This confusion poses a serious danger both for the country and its people, especially given that whatever is said in the domestic arena is also inevitably reported abroad.

Let us hope that all interested parties will realize this is the case before it’s too late.