Loud and clear

In order to be persuaded to throw their support behind the parties comprising the coalition government as well as those staunchly supporting the country’s pro-Europe stance, voters need a sense of hope and optimism, as opposed to just fear.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras owes public opinion a straightforward explanation regarding exactly how and with whom he plans to govern, and based on what strategy, if he emerges as the winner in the upcoming snap election set for January 25.

It is clear by now that the battle cannot be won if voters feel that the candidates’ lists in the election are a case of “same old, same old.”

There is very little time left and the mission is particularly tough and demanding.

Nevertheless there are still undecided voters who might be persuaded on their way to the ballot boxes. These voters are now waiting.

The choice of placing University of Athens rector Theodoros Fortsakis at the helm of New Democracy’s state list of candidates is a promising start.