Opposition tactics

A new theory has made its way into our everyday discourse and has even featured in major international newspapers: the conviction that the head of the main opposition, Alexis Tsipras, will make a complete about-turn from his current positions if his SYRIZA party wins the elections and that there is no reason to worry.

The truth is that if the leftist party wins the elections in two weeks’ time, he will not be the first opposition leader who will be forced to take a crash course in the art of adapting to harsh reality.

This, however, is no reason why Tsipras should be propagating a tradition that has done so much harm to the country in the past. And what is the point of us being surprised and dismayed at the fact that our politicians lie to us?

Maybe we need to go through one more great drama, another disaster before we grow up as voters. Of course what this would cost the country is another conversation entirely.