Deep in denial

The main opposition party is so eager to get its hands on the helm of government it is ignoring terse warnings from our international partners as it tries to reassure everyone that it has worked things out with the country’s creditors and that the cavalry is marching up from the south of Europe.

The opposition is in denial. It is underestimating the warning signs of a liquidity crisis and the collapse of public revenues. Finally, it accuses anyone who points out the flaws in the leftists’ logic as terror-mongering.

Yet the worst thing is that there is a significant part of society which is so desperate and so angry that they no longer care what’s real and believe they have nothing to lose, come what may.

Time is running out and the moment of truth, the day of judgment, is almost upon us. And a large share of the responsibility for what will come next rests with those who pushed the country to early polls over the election of a ceremonial president.