August 27, 1953

GREEKS IN KOREA: The prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, has issued the following statement: «The government has decided to facilitate the occupation forces engaged in reconstruction work in Korea to increase the size of the Greek contingent there with one brigade.» IOANNIS TOUMBAS: Deputy Shipping Minister Mr Georgoulis has accused the head of the fleet, Rear Admiral Ioannis Toumbas, who resigned during the earthquakes, of not reacting as he should have to the destruction in the Ionian Islands, and has accepted his resignation. Admiral Toumbas claims that the Greek Royal Navy did not act effectively from the first hours of the quakes. The report on the events, accompanied by figures and the dates when orders were issued, is in stark contrast to the vague accusations in the recent statements by the deputy shipping minister. PRO-COMMUNIST ANDRIANOPOULOS: The interior minister, Mr Lykourezos, has called to order the mayors of Athens and Piraeus Messrs Nikolopoulos and Andrianopoulos for the formal letters of congratulations they sent to the communist newspaper on the occasion of its anniversary. (Ed. note: He is obviously referring to the Avghi newspaper, which was having its first anniversary). At the same time the Attica prefect, M. Georgiadis, is examining whether this action by the mayors requires disciplinary action.