Risking all for snap elections

No one has the right to play around with the stability of the country’s banking system. Besides, the European Central Bank has provided the necessary assurances regarding Greek lenders’ cash flow, which is guaranteed until the elections.

Given that hypocrisy abounds these days, however, it’s worth recalling where the country stood back in 2012, as well as where it stood at the time when Parliament failed to a elect a new president.

Greece’s economy and the country’s banks had entered a period of stabilization and positive growth.

All of this was put at risk due to the political uncertainty caused by the opposition parties’ decision to cause snap elections.

Young entrepreneurs making efforts to set up new businesses, companies trying to export their goods and services and the tourism industry are currently paying the price for restricted liquidity, the inability, in other words, to secure a loan or get a letter of credit.

The culprit in this case is the political instability and those behind it. Let’s not forget that.