August 28, 1953

VICTIMS OF PEACE: During this week’s meeting of the Coordinating Council, the interior minister will once again table the bill on promotions for bravery for officers in the gendarmerie. The bill amends Law 36/46 retroactively, in such a way that all those promoted for bravery during the war against the communists will hold rank in the hierarchy lower than that which they hold today. THE DEPUTY MINISTER: Ioannina, 27 – The deputy military minister, Mr Dimaratos, is expected here tomorrow to attend the celebrations to mark the anniversary of the defeat of the outlaws on Hill No. 2520 on Mt Grammos. EMBEZZLING THE STATE: Asimakis Draganigos, 48, originally of Zakynthos, but who has been living in Patras for the past 12 years, has been arrested and charged with presenting himself and his daughter Vassiliki as earthquake victims. He had registered their names in the lists of victims and had been receiving rations for two weeks, as well as clothing for himself and his daughter. ELENI GLYKATZI-AHRWEILER: After being examined by a Greek-French committee, the applications submitted to the French Embassy in Athens have been judged and scholarships awarded by the French State for study in France for the academic year 1953-54 have been granted. On of the recipients is Eleni Glykatzi, for studies in philology.