The wheat and the chaff

Cracking down on corruption and entangled interests is a noble cause that will benefit the entire country.

A succession of Greek political leaders have talked about this problem a lot over the past few years but none has found a solution. The inefficiency of supervisory mechanisms, the magnitude and multitude of entangled interests involved and party politics have destroyed every good effort ever made in this battle.

The new government is also talking big on this front, but it needs to be aware of the difference between cracking down on tax evasion and annihilating the healthy part of the private sector in Greece. It would be wrong if, yet again, a government’s determination were expended on those who have nothing to hide, such as property owners and taxpayers who are already paying their dues and other such citizens who form the backbone of the economy. Overtaxation of these people and businesses would have a devastating effect on the economy and on the market.