Mighty decisions

The clock is ticking and every hour that passes is more crucial than the last.

The Greek people have expressed their overwhelming support for the new government in its negotiations with the country’s international creditors and, at the same time, want the country to remain in the eurozone.

Yesterday, Greece found itself at odds with the other 18 member-states that comprise the eurozone at the Eurogroup meeting in Brussels. The country is firmly in the realm where a serious accident could occur at any moment.

How the government’s negotiating team handles the debt talks from here and the decisions that are taken are issues that need to be discussed on a national level and not behind closed doors at party offices.

Obviously there are those who would like to see Greece ousted from the eurozone either because they want to see it punished or to set the example for others. All the more reason, therefore, why we should achieve a national consensus and avert a disaster.