October 8, 1953

BREAKUP OF EDA: Mr Panayiotis Pipinelis, who has made a lengthy statement in response to comments in the press regarding his views on implementing the law on breaking up the United Democratic Left (EDA), said his insistence on this issue is due to the considerable progress made by communist forces and communist strategy in general. MACMILLAN: London, 7 – Mr Harold Macmillan, the British secretary for housing, speaking at a Rotary Club, praised the Greek people, although his statements were not reported in the London press. According to a local newspaper, Mr Macmillan said: «Greece deserves the affection of the British (because) it is the most beautiful country in Europe, it has the bravest people, who are not afraid of hunger or even death – Greeks are always fighting, if not against a foreign enemy, then among themselves – and they are the only people who, as far as I know, really love us.» MAKARIOS: Rhodes, 7 – A meeting of 140 teachers was held at the Church of Aghios Ioannis in Nicosia, chaired by the ethnarch, Archbishop Makarios. An announcement afterward criticized the oppressive measures used by the British to stifle national education.