October 9, 1953

MARKEZINIS: Paris, 8 (From our correspondent S. Theodorou) – Talks held by the coordination minister, Mr Spyros Markezinis, which began here today, have been characterized by a spirit of cordiality and interest by French officials in Greece’s economic development and the contribution of the French State and private initiatives in that development. GREECE-BULGARIA: According to an official announcement, the government is to reply to Bulgaria throught the UN Secretariat, setting a time and place for direct negotiations to resume Greek-Bulgarian deplomatic relations. 6TH FLEET: The destroyer Salem, heading a squadron of the Sixth US Fleet, sailed into Faliron Bay yesterday. AIRMEN’S TRIAL: Yesterday morning the trail of airmen who have been convicted of sabotage continued at the military review tribunal. RUSSIAN PETROLEUM: The ambassador of the Soviet Union, Mr Sergeyev, visited the foreign minister, Mr Stefanos Stefanopoulos, yesterday evening (…). During their two-hour meeting, (…) they focused mainly on the possibility of importing petroleum to Greece.