October 14, 1953

AMERICAN BASES: Yesterday at 11 a.m. the US ambassador to Greece, Mr Cavendish Cannon, received the Greek and foreign press corps at the embassy. (…). Mr Cannon emphasized the importance of the bilateral agreement signed between Greece and the United States for the purpose of strengthening Greece’s links with the US and NATO. (…). Mr Cannon gave a lunch at the Equestrian Club yesterday attended by the Prime Minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos and other officials (..). Mr Cannon praised (…) Field Marshal Papagos, who had stressed the need to enter into the agreement. (…). Field Marshal Papagos responded that the agreement created conditions of security for Greece that were better than ever before. GEORGE PAPANDREOU: One of the joint leaders of the Liberal Party, Mr George Papandreou, made the following statement yesterday: «(…) If the government considers the implementation of the agreement with the USA to be of an urgent nature, it should call an emergency session of Parliament, for without a vote by the House, the agreement is invalid.»