PASOK takes stock?

According to his close aides, Prime Minister Costas Simitis is «disappointed» with the lack of enthusiasm shown by top government and party officials for reaching out to society to promote all that the administration has achieved over the past three years, to explain the benefits to the populace of its «packages» and «charters,» to contribute to a change of climate and to make it clear that its handouts to lower income groups have stretched the limits of our economy. And Simitis has asked his ministers to urgently draw up detailed reports cataloging developments in each sector of government as his second four-year term expires so that the public can view the work that has been done – what was promised by the government and what has actually been carried out. Meanwhile, the public appears to be equally disappointed (as demonstrated by the conclusions of the ICAP research institute’s annual report, whose reliability is beyond doubt) with regard to what has already been done as well as with what the next year may have in store. Theoretically, this mutual disappointment by both government and citizens is the result of a failure in the administration’s communication strategy. And for this disappointment to be transformed into satisfaction, there needs to be a change in strategy so that the uninformed citizen can understand how he has benefited thanks to the ruling party, and – his confidence restored – be inspired to renew the government’s mandate.