October 15, 2003

GREECE-FRANCE: Paris, 15 – A joint French-Greek communique, released this evening here on the occasion of the signing of a protocol by the French Foreign Minister Georges Bidault and Greek Minister for Coordination Mr Spyros Markezinis, confirms the agreement on broader economic cooperation and provides for an initial contract regarding the expansion and reorganization of the Greek electric power grid for the sum of 5.5 billion French francs, that is 465 billion drachmas, or $15.5 million, payable over seven years, by 1960. IN PARIS: The government has sent to Paris, via the palace’s legal counsel Mr Dimitsas, all the legislative decrees passed by the relevant parliamentary committee and a series of decrees on current affairs which will be signed by the king on his arrival there today. (Ed. note: King Pavlos and Queen Frederiki had been in Western Europe for a week). The decrees will be signed at the Greek Embassy, which constitutes Greek territory. Another dispatch of legislative decrees, including that ratifying the Greek-US agreement on military facilities, will take place in Washington, after the king arrives there.