October 18, 1953

GREEK STATE IN PARIS: Paris, 17 (From our correspondent Spyros Theodorou) – At about noon, the king (Pavlos) went to the Greek Embassy here where he had a meeting with Messrs Raphael and Exindaris to sign decrees and other documents sent from Athens. (Ed. note: The king and Queen Frederiki had been on a private tour of Western Europe for some weeks and were about to make an official visit to the USA after Paris.) The king met this morning with Minister for Coordination Spyros Markezinis, who explained the first positive results of the political and economic talks with the French government. The end of the meeting was attended by the queen. (…) Tomorrow the foreign minister, Mr Stefanos Stephanopoulos, is to arrive in Paris to accompany the royal couple to Washington. AS COMMON MORTALS: Yesterday evening, the royal couple evaded the police officers assigned for their personal security and went to the Montmartre nightclub Nouvelle Eve, where two seats had been reserved in the name of Smith. They stayed there until 2 a.m. when they left by the stage door.