October 20, 1953

ALEXANDRA LADIKOU: London, 19 – The French entrant, Miss Perrier, has won the Miss World beauty and talent contest. The Greek entrant, Alexandra Ladikou, came in second and Miss Egypt, Marina Papailia, was third. (…) The judges’ committee included famous film stars, such as Margaret Lockwood and David Niven. (…) Miss Alexandra Ladikou, whose prize is a purse of 250 pounds, told journalists that she is a student and that the prize money will go toward helping her brother to study engineering. GOLD MINE AT GALLIKOS RIVER: During a meeting Minister for Coordination Mr Spyros Markezinis had yesterday with the ministers Messrs Kapsalis, Papayiannis, Papaligouras and Gonis, the general secretary of the Trade Ministry, Mr Grigoriadis, presented the first gold ingot, weighing seven kilos, which was made from gold collected from the bed of the Gallikos River, 16 kilometers north of Kilkis, by the Northern Greek Association of Gold Miners. The value of the volume of gold mined annually in the area is estimated at 200,000-250,000 gold sovereigns.