October 23, 1953

PAUL AND FREDERIKA: (From an article by Willie Snow Ethridge in the New York Herald Tribune, reprinted in Kathimerini in three installments) – «When the king (Paul) opened a reformatory camp on the island of Leros for youths aged 16-20 who had been communist outlaws, he made a ‘surprising’ speech which President Eisenhower, as the king’s host (during his current visit to the USA) has ensured will not reach the ears of (anti-communist) Senator McCarthy, in order to avoid any unpleasantness during the royal visit to the USA. At the camp, the king told the one-time enemies of the monarchy and of Greece: ‘No files have been kept on your past. Every piece of evidence against you has been destroyed. We are only thinking of your future. We want to teach you deal wisely with the problems in your lives and to become good Greek citizens.’ A few months later, the ‘outlaws’ at this same camp carried the queen shoulder high.» SOUNION AVENUE: The coordination minister, Mr Spyros Markezinis, is to announce a competition for the construction of a major coastal route from Vouliagmeni to Cape Sounion.