October 27, 1953

SOVIET ANNOUNCEMENT: London, 26 – The Soviet Union made an announcement today to the Greek government to the effect that it would not remain indifferent to the conclusion of a Greek-American accord by which Greece has agreed to allow the United States to maintain military bases on Greek territory. This warning was contained in an announcement delivered today by the USSR’s Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko to the Greek chargé d’affaires in Moscow, Mr Thomas Ypsilantis. AIRMEN’S TRIAL: The co-leader of the Liberal Party, Mr George Papandreou, referring to the trial of air force officers by the review tribunal said it was not the job of politicians to interfere in the course of justice. However, the manner in which the airmen’s trial is being conducted, he said, unfortunately forced him to state that it was not worthy of the Greek justice system. During yesterday’s session, the defense attorneys, headed by Mr (Angelos) Tsoukalas, withdrew from the court, alleging that visible forces were struggling to cover up barbaric torture and to slander heroic officers as communists.