October 22-29, 1953

MUNICIPAL CATHARSIS: Thessaloniki, 23 – A decision to appoint nine new municipal councilors to replace those who have been dismissed will be signed tomorrow. The new councilors will be from the united national ticket, part of a catharsis of left-wing elements in all councils in northern Greece. ARRESTS: 24 – Following the arrest of a former tobacco worker, G. Georgiou, allegedly the person responsible for the Communist Party of Greece (KKE)’s illegal printing press, and after the discovery of the party’s secret print shop in Mylon Street where the newspaper Rizospastis was printed, the investigation by the General Security headquarters has discovered that Georgiou maintained two central safe houses for the distribution of the newspapers Rizospastis and Unenslaved Athens. DIPLOMACY: London, 26 – The Soviet Union has informed the Greek government that it will not remain indifferent to a Greek-American accord allowing US bases on Greek territory. VOUYIOUKLAKI’S 1ST APPEARANCE: 26 – The music score of the film «The Little Mouse» by Nikos Tsiforos was recorded yesterday. The film stars Aliki Vouyiouklaki in her first film role.