November 6, 1953

MARKEZINIS IN WEST GERMANY: (From our correspondent K.G. Zafeiropoulos): Hanover, 5 – Talks between Greece’s coordination minister, Mr Spyros Markezinis, with bankers and industrialists in West Germany have so far been very encouraging and the outcome of the visit now appears likely to prove not only successful but truly triumphant, with regard to the goal of finding solutions to the major issues of reconstruction in Greece. At every stage the German politicians and economic officials praised the political stability and enlightened economic policies of the Papagos government (…). KARAKAVITSAS AND CIVIL WAR: (From «An Athenian’s Notes») – «I received a letter from Lehaina saying that the statue of Andreas Karakavitsas is still masked by a gun emplacement erected during the civil war to defend the town against the communists. The calm features of the great short story writer are hidden behind a reminder of difficult period for the nation.» DUTCH ARTISTS: An exhibition of the work of Dutch artists between 1850 and 1950 opens this morning at the Zappeion Hall, organized by the Education Ministry.