A balancing act?

Although there are some who believe that the tension between the Church of Greece and the Ecumenical Patriarchate may eventually die down, the most likely outcome is that the whole crisis (the differing attitudes and long-term goals of Christodoulos and Vartholomaios, which provoked the dispute in the first place) will lead to a definitive rift over the next few days – something which will ultimately oblige the government to intervene, as the Church of Greece operates within the framework of the same rule of law as that the government adheres to. In any case, such a development would be undesirable and have a detrimental effect – regardless of the «preferences» the government has displayed toward the two warring factions for one reason or another. Without a doubt, an absolute rift between the Church and the Patriarchate would have political consequences. And this is precisely why certain «circles» are inviting the government and political parties alike to adopt a clear position and initiatives in this ecclesiastical dispute and to abandon the tactic of distancing themselves. But then again, we are not convinced that an intervention would resolve the crisis and restore order because the pressure exerted on one or the other side would displease the «disfavored» party, and as a result tensions would be stoked further rather than eased.