November 7, 1953

BATTLE OF DOMOKOS: London – The publisher Bertram Christian, a special correspondent for The Times during the Greek-Turkish war of 1897, died last week in London at the age of 83. (…) Accompanying Brigadier (later General) Calwell, he watched the battle of Domokos on May 17, which was, as he had said, one of the last times in history «in which a war correspondent could stand on a hill and see an entire battle taking place below him.» AIRMEN’S TRIAL: (From a commentary in Kathimerini) – «It is not possible for us to take a stand – this newspaper’s long tradition forbids it – on the airmen’s trial which, given its turbulent developments and the many bizarre and unexplained things that have occurred, is threatening to turn into a smaller Dreyfus trial, also due to the disputes going on outside the courtroom. However, we do not hesitate to say that this is the first time in the history of the judiciary in Greece that the public gallery has been so confused. Perhaps this is an indication that the judicial process is not functioning as it should. The spectacle is indeed regrettable.»