November 11, 1953

AIRMEN’S TRIAL: All the defendants at the military review tribunal say that they had confessed after having been submitted for days to terrible torture. A new appeal has been lodged for the airmen to undergo medical tests. Their lawyers said on leaving the courtroom that the tribunal was biased. GEORGE PAPANDREOU: The Liberal Party is to raise the issue in Parliament right after sessions begin, George Papandreou confirmed yesterday. «The deep interest the public has shown in the trial is a tribute to Greece,» he added. The Liberal Party considers it its duty to declare that there is no goal that should be put above the law. In a democratic state such as Greece, the greatest goal is the establishment of justice. TELEVISION: In the presence of the finance minister, Mr Papayiannis, and his wife, a demonstration of the television was made the other day at the RCA radio factory (…). Those attending the demonstration saw Mr Papayiannis, his wife and their younger daughter on the screen, a speech by the director of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization, Mr Eleftheriou, and outdoor scenes such as the Acropolis.