November 12, 1953

GREECE – WEST GERMANY: An agreement between the German and Greek governments was signed yesterday evening in Bonn by the German trade minister, Mr Ludwig Erhardt, and the Greek coordination minister, Mr Spyros Markezinis, for Germany’s economic contribution to Greece’s industrial development program. The German industrial sector will make available goods worth 200 million Deutschmarks. Professor Erhardt said after the signing ceremony that the necessary capital would be found in the usual way in the market, without touching the Federal Republic’s budget. GREECE-USA: San Francisco, 11 – King Pavlos of Greece has made a historic speech at the Journalists’ Club on American aid to Greece and the struggle waged by the Greek people directly after their liberation (from the occupation) against communist imperialism. The king was not so much praising the USA’s material support as its boost to the morale of nations threatened by a new kind of subjugation, and he gave thanks to the great inspiration he said came from America and warmed the hearts of peoples of the Old World.