A political danger?

Let us leave PASOK’s new electoral campaign chief Theodoros Pangalos and his political bellowings for the time being. Isn’t the case of Christos Protopapas – who every now and again declares that the prospect of the opposition New Democracy party coming to power is «dangerous for the country» – equally serious if not more so in view of his role as the government’s official spokesperson? A political party and its representatives are quite justified in criticizing the policies of opposition parties and making proposals (and thankfully both ND and other parties offer plenty of opportunities for such criticism!). But is it conceivable that a serious politician could believe (and trumpet forth) that the eventuality of another party forming a government represents a «danger» to the country? Could there be a less democratic outlook than this? The government spokesman’s role is to inform journalists – and via them the public – about the government’s activities, to answer certain questions regarding state works or oversights, to announce initiatives and to clarify any ambiguities arising from government policy. But Protopapas has made a habit of avoiding measured and honest responses and instead offers clever retorts, succumbing to the temptation of petty politics and mundane exchanges which do not merely discredit him as a politician but also the government he speaks for.